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An acoustic Phenomenon

May 16, 2007


The Arabs are an acoustic phenomenon”. I have often wondered about the implications and sarcasm which lies behind this phrase, which I have heard quite often. 

 However, it was not until the day the last local elections in  Britain were held  that I discovered how true these words were.  To cover the recent local elections I headed for the municipal borough of
Acton, where a sizable Arab community live.

I went straightaway  to the headquarters of Mr Atallah Saeed, the Labour Party candidate. It was hardly one o’clock in the afternoon, but our Arab candidate was already experiencing intense agony and frustration.  

Atallah had been sickened by the total apathy of the Arabs who never extend a helping hand to their fellow Arabs.

They never listen to his cries and arguments that the Arabs ( London is the favourite haunt for the richest Arab billionaires) should financially back him and other Arab candidates such as Dr Wafiq Mustafa of the Conservative Party. 

It is indeed nauseating that while there is lamentable scarcity of Arab funds for election campaigns, a shamefully huge amount of money is wasted each day in the  London casinos and in the extravagant and yes debauched night life of the big city.   

The Arabs, alas, are incognizant that British decision makers may be influenced by all sorts of  lobbies and pressure groups except an Arab lobby.

   There was yet another cause for Atallah’s distress. Of  all the large Arab electorate in his onstituency, only a scant few normally bother to vote.   

No less distressing for him is the fact that in and around the street where his office is situated, dozens of Arab businessmen, journalists and intellectuals live and work. 

It is tragically ironic that those same journalists and intellectuals appear on daily basis on Arab satellite channels to “educate” their viewers and pontificate  about politics, ethics, public behaviour and  how best to rise above challenges and achieve Arab glory !